What is Pastecoin?

The short answer is that Pastecoin is a platform that lets you sell and buy digital goods. The long answer is that Pastecoin is a fully encrypted anonymous escrow service. It is designed to help you sell your content from anywhere in the world without any infrastructure or up front commitments. We operate entirely within the Bitcoin ecosystem, so no traditional banking or other relationships are required.

What is bitcoin ?

We chose Bitcoin as the payment method to protect your privacy. Bitcoin is a new digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network. To learn more, visit bitcoin.org (the official site) or watch a short video on weusecoins.com.

Where can I get bitcoins?

We recommend CoinBase.com where you can get Bitcoins easily by connecting a U.S. bank account. There are several exchange sites where you can buy and trade your bitcoins like Virwox.com.

What are the main advantages of this versus other options?

You don't need to host a shopping cart, and you don't need to design your site to serve large content or handle scalability if your content is popular. You have just to share your profile / paste to attract peoples to buy from you.

Why did you build this?

To help facilitate the selling of digital products world wide with no effort required.

What browser should I use?

Pastecoin should work on most modern web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE11, Opera, etc.

Can you decrypt the data submitted to your service?

Only our verification team can decrypt data when someone report any bad paste with the links in question.

Can I get my money back?

Yes, in case where escrow service ON (Registered user), you get refunded if the paste are not working, or bought a fake paste (Only fees of transfer are removed from your original payment 0.0002 BTC). If you bought anonymous paste, you can't be refunded because your money are transferred automatically to the seller.

How do you preventing the scam?

We never refund without contacting the owner of the reported paste, if you have a proof that your paste works, there is no fear to have. in the worst case our verification team will test the paste to see if there problem related to it.

The buyer gives the reason that led him to buy
Seller gives us where he put her/his link for sale, and we see if paste work as is described.

We will investigate more about any issue and take all necessary measures.

The most refunded items are:
- Virus spreading
- Suspecious / infected codes
- Malwares / Trojans
- Not working items

How do i get paid?

Once someone bought from you, you must wait 24 hours to withdraw your money automatically to your bitcoin address you choosen.

What is the difference between Hidden and Public Profile ?

When someone hide her/his profile, all your created pastes will be hidden automatically from search results, home page, and any place on the website, you can only share your profile with your trusted friends or any private business, but direct link to your paste still shown if some one get your links.

Who can see my pastes?

If you create a public paste (public by default), your paste will show up for everybody. As you can create private pastes, these items can only be viewed by you or a person with who you shared your link.

How do I buy with Bitcoin?

Purchases can be made on Pastecoin.com, from any Bitcoin wallet. You have to go to any Pastecoin link in order to see the Bitcoin Button under the description of paste "BUY FOR XX.XXXXXXXX BTC".

How many pastes can I create?

The short answer is: as many as you like.

Do you have an affiliate program ?

Yes we have, you can add affiliate program to your paste in the create/edit page to make higher sales.

There are some pastes on our servers which may have been subject to copyright protection, how can I notify you of them?

You can report the link here [email protected] or create support message with registered account.