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We have updated our website !

We have updated our website ! discover the new features ... Many things changed in order to improve user experience.

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Posted 2016/12/11 00:17:53

Bug Bounty Program !

Bug Bounty Program added ! learn more here:

Reward are offer for each bug, and we will add your name on our Wall Of Fame !
We reward white hats with bitcoin only !
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Posted 2015/03/07 19:38:31

Pay paste for any amount !

For registered users only ! now you can give a choice to a buyers to pay for any amount they want ...

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Posted 2015/03/07 19:31:28

Sell paste line by line !

New option ! Sell a pastes line by line for Gift Codes, accounts, licence keys, games and others ...

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Posted 2015/03/07 19:28:55

Protect and hide your profile !

You can protect your profile from public by setting password or simply hide it !
All you have to do is to go to your profile, and click on Security, then this popup appear :

Here you can make prefered changes.

Here example on how your profil will be displayed when someone get on it while protected with password:

Let us your feedback about this function ! thank's.
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Posted 2015/03/07 19:24:18 Allows Bitcoin Users To Buy, Sell and Profit From Code Snippets Worldwide

New Bitcoin market allows professional coders, programmers and hobbyists to buy and sell code snippets in exchange for Bitcoin.

PasteCoin is a profitable Bitcoin alternative to - an unprecedented web market hub for buying and selling digital goods worldwide like code snippets, unused accounts, licence keys, texts, links and scripts.

PasteCoin operates entirely within the Bitcoin ecosystem enabling completely safe sales and purchases. PasteCoin is an anonymous, convenient and fully encrypted Bitcoin escrow service protecting the buyer from faulty code while also preventing the seller from getting scammed. Tech enthusiasts and professionals alike are free to purchase products with Bitcoin without... Click here to read more

Posted 2015/03/07 18:54:28

Interview with Pastecoin's funder

If your a coder/programmer and want to make some extra money, specifically Bitcoin, Pastecoin may be for you. Pastecoin is a service that allows anyone to buy or sell code snippets for Bitcoin of course. PasteCoin acts an escrow service, protecting the buyer from bad snippets, and the seller from being scammed.

1. What sparked the idea of PasteCoin? History of Development?
The idea of PasteCoin came from the fact that I often work on all types of scripts in my spare time and I can’t find where sell them to earn money for my work. So I thought why not create a site like Pastebin, a paid alternative to sell everything and anything (Bits of code, functions, texts, programming tips, ideas, simple tutorials, accounts of all kinds etc …) As a web programmer, it wasn... Click here to read more

Posted 2015/03/07 13:37:17